Interview: Ronnie James Dio "Dreamers Never Die" Documentary with Wendy Dio

Interview: Ronnie James Dio "Dreamers Never Die" Documentary with Wendy Dio

DIO: Dreamers Never Die, the first-ever, career-spanning documentary on the life and times of the late legendary metal icon Ronnie James Dio.

The acclaimed film, which world premiered at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas, enjoyed a special event theatrical release in more than 600 cinemas worldwide last fall and is streaming on SHOWTIME, will be released worldwide by Mercury Studios today, September 29th 2023 on DVD and Blu-Ray+4K and as a special Deluxe Edition featuring the DVD and Blu-Ray packaged with exclusive merchandise.

"I wanted this documentary to be authentic, for the fans to see the roller coaster ride that was Ronnie's life—the good times, the bad times and everything in between, especially including events that even the most diehard fans would not have known about.  It’s all in there, right up to the very end.”

Lindsay of This Day In Metal had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Ronnie James Dio's long time manager and widow Wendy Dio who was also the executive producer on the documentary. They talk about the documentary, Ronnie's personality and hard-driven nature, the demon "Murray" on the Holy Diver album cover and lots more. Check out the interview on our YouTube channel below!

For orders of “DIO: Dreamers Never Die” DVD, Blu-Ray+4K and merchandise bundles, visit:

For more information on Ronnie James Dio and “Dreamers Never Die:

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