Interview With Ben V of Ludovico Technique

Interview With Ben V of Ludovico Technique

Delving in to the dark and mysterious world of the human psyche bringing forth a feeling of belonging from the shadows, gothic industrial band Ludovico Technique are striking in both their sound and image.

Hailing from New York City, the band released their latest album ‘Haunted People‘ in August 2022 , the first album since 2012’s ‘Some Things Are Beyond Therapy‘ and 2013’s remix album ‘We Came To Wreck Everything.’ Ben V sat down with Lindsay C for an in-depth discussion surrounding A Clockwork Orange, the gothic subculture, the live show scene and why they chose to release the tracks individually on a monthly basis throughout the year before the full album was released.

Ben V says: “What I would say is this; for anyone who likes dark music that addresses sort of like the human condition in its subject matter, in a sort of more melancholy and like, existential way of viewing the world; our music may be for you. It’s going to be somewhat goth, it’s not going to be sunshine and happy rainbows but you may feel a little happier knowing that there’s music out there for you that makes you feel a little less alone because you can find commonality with it.”

Check out the full interview at the bottom of the page!

You can follow Ludovico Technique on their social media platforms below:




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