Meditating To The Illusion of Time: An Interview with L. of Funeral Leech

Meditating To The Illusion of Time: An Interview with L. of Funeral Leech

Death doom act Funeral Leech have become a rising star in the burgeoning scene of doom-infused death metal. Making a name for themselves with the band's debut album, Death Meditation, the album shined in its doom and gloom feel. Just as the world was entering a dark phase in history as the COVID-19 Pandemic was beginning to affect the world. As the world begins to return to normal, or whatever we call normal now post-pandemic, Funeral Leech have risen from the hopelessness and darkness with their brand new album The Illusion of Time on Carbonized Records.  

I sat down with L., the drummer and vocalist for Funeral Leech. We discuss the influence of doom metal into the band's devastating new album The Illusion of Time. We talk about being the singer/drummer of a band, opening for acts like Evoken and Blood Incantation, and future plans for the band touring wise. Along with an explanation of the band's sigil and what albums he thinks you should be checking out.  

TDIM: How did Funeral Leech form?

L: Me and Zack were playing in a band called Grudges, which had reached its end. So, me and Zack got together and started playing mid-paced death/doom, some stuff that we had bonded over enjoying.

TDIM: The band is such a beautiful mix of death metal and doom/funeral doom metal. What was the inspiration to combine the two for Funeral Leech's sound?

L: We had always planned to have doom bits in the band, but as we’ve grown as a band, it feels like we’re embracing the melancholic and miserable doom bits even more.

TDIM: Following your debut album, Death Meditation, was the COVID-19 Pandemic. Did the isolation and seclusion of that timeframe help inspire the new album lyrically or musically?

L: Yes, for sure. When it became really clear that this was gonna be longer than it seemed like, we got to work on writing and putting stuff together. For a few months, we were sending each other drum parts and riffs that we recorded at home, and then me and Zack eventually got back together in the studio.  “Ceaseless Wheel of Becoming” was the first song we wrote in that time.

TDIM: With the new album The Illusion of Time, you really delved more into the doom metal influence on the record with longer songs, especially "The Tower". Was your goal for the record to go into that direction?

L: Not initially, but it came naturally. I love that style of metal, so I’m not mad at it at all. "The Tower" was always supposed to be that way, but the rest of the songs ended up that way cause it’s what made the most sense.

TDIM: As the drummer and the vocalist, is it hard to sing and drum at the same time with Funeral Leech? Is there any positives/negatives to it?

L: Honestly, not really. I’ve done it in several bands so it’s just something I’m used to now. Muscle memory at this point.

TDIM: You have had opening support for up and comers like Blood Incantation and doom icons Dead Congregation and Evoken. What has been the crowd's reaction to the band? What did it feel like to play with these bands?

L: Blood Incantation are our friends, always fun to share the stage with them. We actually didn’t technically play with Dead Congregation and Evoken, we played a fest they did as well. But on different days. But, those are two bands I love and it’s always great to see them. We got to open for Immolation a few years ago, and that was truly an incredible experience. Nicest dudes and a great show. People enjoyed our set as well.

TDIM: Is there any plans to tour to promote the new album? Any news you can share for This Day in Metal?

L: Nothing set in stone yet.  We’re playing Death Over Bakersfield Fest in California in the summer.

TDIM: On your Facebook page, you have in your photos the band's "sigil". Who drew the sigil to represent the band and what does it mean for new fans?

L: Early on, we started working with the artist Karmazid, who I really liked his sigil work in the past. Sigils are very important and personal for me, I wanted one to represent the band. With each album now, it’s been updated to represent more of the theme from said albums. The new one falls in with the time theme.

TDIM: I always close my interviews like this. What bands/albums that yourself or the band are digging do you think people should check out?

L: I’ve been really enjoying as of late:

Spectral Voice - Sparagmos

Excarnated Entity - Mass Grave Horizon

Skinhead - Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

Cruciamentum - Obsidian Refractions

Wretched - La Tua Morte Non Aspetta

I want to thank L. for talking with This Day in Metal. If you want to check out their new album The Illusion of Time that just came out, it is available on their Bandcamp HERE . It is also available on Spotify, as well as their debut album HERE .

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