The Power of The Voice: An Interview With Viky Boyer

The Power of The Voice: An Interview With Viky Boyer
Picture by Alexis Bourdages-Chabot

Viky Boyer has been using her powerful and unique voice in many different ways, and not only in music. From her work in the band Karkaos, to the release of her new progressive gothic metal project Exsomnis, With Exsomnis releasing their new single "Inertia" this year. She has been spreading her wings, and rising with her talented vocals in the metal scene with these bands, as well as her own YouTube channel Ariel Music. Her most popular video, a unique cover of Rammstein's "Mein Herz Brennt" has over 450,000 views. She also uses her vocal talents with voice over work. Most recently appearing in the horror video game franchise Dead By Daylight as The Skull Merchant.  

Photo Credit: Joe Weller

I sat down with Viky for an interview with This Day in Metal. We talk about her YouTube channel Ariel Music and her process for doing vocal covers, the formation of Exsomnis and how she joined the band Karkaos. We dive into her voice over work and how she got started doing that, and the process of how getting a role works. She also gives good advice for anyone interested in becoming a voice over artist. Plus, she shares some bands and artists that she is digging that you need to check out!

I want to thank Viky for giving This Day in Metal the time to talk about her career in music, and her deep dive into the voice over industry. A truly fascinating breakdown of the business, especially for aspiring voice over artists or people wanting to get into the business (including myself). If you would like to check out her music, you can check out Exsomnis' Spotify page HERE . If you are interested in her voice over work, you can check out her profile at The Monster Factory HERE .

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