Passing The Torch of a Legacy: An Interview with Calico Cooper

Passing The Torch of a Legacy: An Interview with Calico Cooper

Vocalist, songwriter, dancer, stage performer, producer, director, choreographer and actor. These are just some of the many professions and talents the incredible Calico Cooper has. Quite possibly one of the most hard working artists in the US.

Coming from a legendary shock/horror rock family, Calico is the daughter of Alice Cooper but don't think for a second that she is merely following in her famous father's footsteps or utilising the name. Even though Alice Cooper is an obvious inspiration, Calico has taken her own path and worked hard to carve a name for herself which is completely separate from her father's legacy. One such endeavour is as the vocalist and songwriter for Heavy Metal band Beasto Blanco.

In 2012, Alice Cooper's bassist Chuck Garric formed Beasto Blanco with Chris "Brother" Latham and initially, Calico was invited to perform backing vocals for the band on their first album Live Fast Die Loud which was released in 2013. However, Calico's vocals were repeatedly featured.

Beasto Blanco's visually encapsulating stage shows take inspiration from post-apocalyptic, Mad Max and futuristic style aesthetics with Alice Cooper-esque stagecraft and heavy hitting metal. The band are poised to release their new album Kinetica later on this year.

We had the opportunity to sit down and have an in-depth chat with Calico Cooper herself and gained a fascinating insight in to one of the most vibrant minds and imaginations of this generation.

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