January 12th

Mercenary released their debut album “First Breath”

January 29th

Riot released the album “Inishmore”

February 2nd

Primal Fear released their debut album “Primal Fear”

February 6th

Tarot released the album “For The Glory of Nothing”

February 9th

Running Wild released the album “The Rivalry”

February 10th

Amon Amarth released their debut album “Once Sent From The Golden Hall”

February 24th

Morbid Angel released the album “Formulas Fatal To The Flesh”

March 9th

Tristania released their debut album “Widow’s Weeds”

March 10th

Two released their debut album “Voyeurs”
Motörhead released the album “Snake Bite Love”

March 16th

Evergrey released their debut album “The Dark Discovery”

March 17th

Van Halen released the album “Van Halen III”

March 23rd

Iron Maiden released the album “Virtual XI”

March 30th

Benediction released the album “Grind Bastard“

April 7th

Master released the album “Faith Is In Season”

April 14th

Helloween released the album “Better Than Raw”

April 20th

U.D.O. released the album “No Limits”

April 21st

Cannibal Corpse released the album “Gallery Of Suicide”
Soulfly released their self-titled debut album “Soulfly”

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