A New Mexican Fest: The Metal Fest

The festival will take place next Saturday, April 13 in Mexico City.

A New Mexican Fest: The Metal Fest

Under the leadership of the creators of the Mexico Metal Fest in Monterrey, Cacique Entertainment and to the delight of the metalhead community in the center of the country, a new festival is born in the capital: THE METAL FEST, whose first edition will feature some of the most acclaimed and anticipated acts by the Mexican public.

Headlining the bill, the legendary Anthrax will arrive in the CDMX to blow our minds with their arsenal of thrash and groove anthems that they have created over four decades. Bands such as Overkill, Amorphis, Death Angel and Necrophobic, as well as Atheist, Mayhem, To Die For and Gutalax, will make up the lineup of this great and massive concert we have prepared for you.

The Metal Fest will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2024 at Velódromo Olímpico, a venue that in recent years has become one of the public's favorites thanks to its acoustics, location and amplitude, which after its remodeling has a capacity to accommodate up to 18 thousand attendees.

Tickets are on sale at this link: https://themetalfest.mx/

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