Alice Cooper Confirms 22nd Solo Concept Album

Alice Cooper Confirms 22nd Solo Concept Album

The legendary Alice Cooper has confirmed that he is working on his 22nd solo album titled 'Road' which will be about life on the road.

The shock rocker revealed his plans in an exclusive interview with Ultimate Classic Rock recently.

Bob Ezrin, Cooper's trusted collaborator has taken up producing duties and it's been confirmed that 'Road' will showcase Cooper's touring band and he's put heavy emphasis on the fact the record will be very guitar driven. He goes on to say during the interview:

"I wanted to show this band off a little, so we wrote the songs and did them live in the studio with very, very little. If there's any overdubs, it's minor and only because that little bit could be a little better here or there. But 95% of this album is live in the studio. I did that on purpose to show off how good the band is."

There is no scheduled release date for 'Road' as of yet, stay tuned for more to come...

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