Angra To Release New Album In November

Angra To Release New Album In November

Angra is preparing the release of their next album, entitled "Cycles of Pain."

"Cycles of Pain" brings different perspectives on human pain and the cycles that involve it. While pain is inevitable, it is also an part of growing and learning. By recognizing and facing these cycles, we can discover our inner strength and find a path to healing and transformation. It is an invitation to reflect on the complexities of human pain, addressing topics such as loss, disillusionment, loneliness and despair, but also bringing a message of resilience and hope.
The combination of elements on the cover - an angel of death with bright, worn wings adorned with religious and pagan symbols, a dark forest with fire and rain, the prevalence of Brazilian elements - conveys a representation of the idea that pain is a recurring and transformative experience, encompassing spiritual and earthly aspects and encouraging us to delve into the depths of our own pain, explore its many dimensions and find strength and healing in the journey of these cycles.

The artwork was made by Erick Pasqua with layout by Jonathan Canuto. Also in the great news department, we're pleased to announce our new record label for Europe and America, Atomic Fire!
We're pretty excited about this new partnership. The album will be released November 3rd worldwide and November 1st in Japan by JVC.

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