BREAKING NEWS: Fear Factory FINALLY Announce Their New Vocalist

BREAKING NEWS: Fear Factory FINALLY Announce Their New Vocalist

After a long, 2 year wait since Burton C Bell‘s departure from the band, Industrial Metal titans Fear Factory have finally, officially announced their new vocalist just days before they embark on the long-awaited Rise of the Machine Tour with Static-X.

In a conversation with RichardMetalFan, Dino Cazares previously stated that “I think it’s gonna be fucking ripping. It’s gonna be killer. I’m gonna put out some more heavy shit. So I don’t think anybody needs to worry. The vocalist I got is amazing. He’s younger; he’s in his mid-30s. He’s at his vocal peak, I think. He’s there and ready to go.”

The new Fear Factory vocalist Milo Silvestro is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer from Italy who gained a popular following on YouTube by covering Fear Factory tracks on his channel.

See Fear Factory’s official announcement here

Fear Factory begin their tour with Static X on the 25th of February 2023 until the 15th April 2023 across the US. You can purchase tickets here.

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