Breaking News - Graham Oliver diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

Graham Oliver feels reassured despite his diagnosis

Breaking News - Graham Oliver diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

Former Saxon guitarist and founding member Graham Oliver stated that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

He also revealed that he feels strong and will not give up, he will fight to the end: "At first I was shocked. Things have happened to me; in 1976 I cut my finger and thought I would never play guitar again. When I was 59, I had a small stroke that paralyzed my left side and I thought I would never play again either. But I overcame both episodes, so now I have another battle on my hands. It's not going to beat me yet, I'm going to keep going until I can't anymore."

He also commented that he doesn't feel any major difficulty playing guitar: "Well, I'm on medication. I went to a jam last week, I did a gig in Lancaster with Oliver's Army, my current band, and I did very well. I have to admit that for the last couple of years I've had to concentrate more on my left hand to get it to work properly. I've had this hindrance since the Pandemic lock-in, but I thought it was a pinched nerve or something. I chalked it up to inactivity, that I was getting old, arthritis or something like that. Hopefully, now that I know what it is, medication will keep it under control."

Graham Oliver was one of the founding members of Saxon, where he remained and recorded albums from 1979 until 1994, when he decided to retire momentarily from the music world. Graham is currently 71 years old.

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