CRYSTAL VIPER Return With New Album “The Silver Key”

CRYSTAL VIPER Return With New Album “The Silver Key”

New studio album "The Silver Key", out on June 28 on Listenable Records! The album will be promoted on European headlining tour, on which CRYSTAL VIPER will be joined by the US heavy metal act Savage Master.

"The Silver Key" is the most intense release that CRYSTAL VIPER ever recorded: heavier, faster and darker, but at the same more epic and melodic than their previous works. In the past the band was very often balancing between Power Metal and Heavy Metal, but here, there's no doubt that we are talking about pure Heavy Metal.

The band had very unique approach to songwriting and production, which was almost like a tribute to classic Metal acts such as IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST, but except that CRYSTAL VIPER decided to show their love for the Metal culture, and incorporated in their songs several elements characteristic for other subgenres. So don't get fooled by the term "female-fronted" which is usually associated with softer genres: CRYSTAL VIPER, founded and led by the vocalist and bassist Marta Gabriel (who for the last few years played rhythm guitar for the band), is simply as that METAL, and very serious about it.


  • "Return To Providence"
  • "Fever Of The Gods"
  • "Old House In The Mist"
  • "The Key Is Lost"
  • "Heading Kadath"
  • "Book Of The Dead"
  • "The Silver Key"
  • "Wayfaring Dreamer"
  • "Escape From Yaddith"
  • "Cosmic Forces Overtake"
  • "Gods Of Thunder Of Wind And Of Rain" - CD bonus track
  • "Scream!" - LP bonus track


  • 21/09/2024 - Poland, Zabrze, CK Wiatrak *
  • 04/10/2024 - Germany, Wurzburg, Keep It True Festival
  • 06/10/2024 - Austria, Salzburg, Rockhouse
  • 08/10/2024 - Germany, Berlin, Lido
  • 09/10/2024 - Denmark, Copenhagen, Beta
  • 10/10/2024 - Germany, Oldenburg, MTS
  • 11/10/2024 - Germany, Hamburg, Bambi Galore
  • 12/10/2024 - Germany, Selb, Rockclub Nordbayern
  • 13/10/2024 - Czech Republic, Ostrava, Barrak
  • 15/10/2024 - Germany, Munchen, Backstage
  • 16/10/2024 - Germany, Kassel, Goldgrube
  • 17/10/2024 - Germany, Mannheim, 7er
  • 18/10/2024 - Italy, Turin, Ziggy Club
  • 19/10/2024 - France, Colmar, Le Grillen
  • 20/10/2024 - Belgium, Bilzen, South Of Heaven

(* without SAVAGE MASTER)

More tour dates and festival appearances to be announced shortly.

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