David Ellefson Says "Personal Grudges and Controversies" Led to Dismissal from Megadeth

David Ellefson Says "Personal Grudges and Controversies" Led to Dismissal from Megadeth

David Ellefson, the former bassist of the heavy metal band Megadeth, has opened up about the reasons for his dismissal from the band in a recent interview with The Metal Circus TV. According to Ellefson, he was let go from Megadeth because of "personal grudges and resentments" held against him.

Ellefson's departure from Megadeth was shrouded in controversy as the musician was mired in a sex scandal involving a leaked video that appeared to show him in a compromising position. Despite denying any wrongdoing and claiming that the video had been recorded without his knowledge, Megadeth decided to part ways with the bassist.

Ellefson has since embarked on a new musical career and has formed several new bands, including The Lucid with Vinnie Dombroski and Mike Heller, as well as joining Dieth and Kings of Thrash. Despite his departure from Megadeth, Ellefson remains grateful for the support of his fans and continues to make music.

Speaking to The Metal Circus TV, Ellefson expressed his disappointment at his dismissal from Megadeth. He emphasized that the decision was not his own and that he would have preferred to have stayed with the band. However, he also acknowledged that there were personal issues that contributed to his exit.

Ellefson also addressed the controversy surrounding the sex scandal, stating that he felt victimized and criminalized unnecessarily. Despite this, he chose to take ownership of the situation and move forward, rather than trying to engage in damage control.

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