Dez Fafara, Frontman of Coal Chamber and Devildriver to Release An Autobiography

Dez Fafara, Frontman of Coal Chamber and Devildriver to Release An Autobiography

The legendary Dez Fafara is set to release an autobiography through Rare Bird Books on September 5th 2023. 'Loco: Chaos, Calamity, and Coal Chamber' will be the first volume of the autobiography.

Not only is Fafara a frontman for two iconic bands in the metal world, he is also a multipke brand owner, an artisit manager and a motivational guru.

The book was written with Joel McIver, the bestselling author of 'Justice For All: The Truth About Metallica.' He has also written for the likes of Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Rolling Stone; he has also written the official Cannibal Corpse biography.

This particular volume will cover the time Dez was simply known as 'Bradley Fafara;' a kid in Hollywood who escaped a difficult start to become one of the 90s most memorable and colourful rock stars.

In an interview recently with "Everblack" podcast, Fafara confirmed: "That's gonna be a reall tell-all. I think people are gonna get a chance to see where I come from as a kid. 'Cause I left hime early, slept under bridges, stole food, went to jail. And I think people are gonna really get a view of, like, 'it's a hard-knock life.'"

With his band Coal Chamber, Dez pioneered a whole new sound and visual, touring the world, battling innumerable obstacles and ultimately breaking free to go solo with DevilDriver, the focus of Volume Two of Fafara's two-book autobiography plan. Titled after Coal Chamber’s 1997 hit, Loco describes the arc of a man who was ripped off, let down, and beaten up, but who never quit―and who ultimately achieved his own form of redemption. Includes 50+ black-and-white and full-color images.

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