EVILDEAD Announce New Album Toxic Grace and Release New Track

EVILDEAD Announce New Album Toxic Grace and Release New Track

It's been four years since American thrash metal band EvilDead unleashed their comeback album United States Of Anarchy, much to the delight of their fans and the media. In those four years, the world has changed in many respects, while EvilDead - solid as a rock - has held on to their typical strengths and continuing to evolve their dynamic style in a controlled yet targeted manner.

The result is entitled Toxic Grace, available from Streamhammer/SPV as of May 24th on CD, LP and for digital download. To ease their fans wait for the album's arrival, two singled 'Raising Fresh Hell' and 'Subjugated Souls', along with lyric videos will be released beforehand. Both tracks are heavy metal statements by a band with a wealth of experience who have never lost the zest and energy of their early years.

The new artwork for Toxic Grace was created by Dan Goldsworthy (Haken, Accept, Corpsegrinder, Alestorm).

Vocalist Phil Flores describes Toxic Grace as:

"An album featuring a wide range of different styles and sounds from doom to melodic metal, from traditional heavy metal to our characteristic old-school thrash style."

Check out the lyric video for first single 'Raising Fresh Hell' below:

Guitarist Juan Garcia, also of Body Count adds:

"We took our time with the new songs, really focusing on the arrangements, tempos and how the riffs flowed together. There's plenty of hyper moments; one of my favourite tracks is Reverie. We wanted the new songs to be powerful and not just fast for the sake of speed. I'm proud of everyone's contribution; there's lots of bangers on this album."

Bassist Karlos Medina adds:

"The songs came in with the guitars as a focus, giving me the room to record bass lines with a rhythmic-minded groove. Our recent 2023 summer European tour helped bring some of the live show vibe to inspire a musical union for your metal thrash ears. Enjoy!"

Drummer Rob Alaniz adds:

"EvilDead has finally come full circle. Each of our influences is firmly laid out; from death to other extreme forms and of course requisite thrash; its all on this new record. Very excited for this new release. We still have lots of gas in the tank!"

Pre-order Toxic Grace HERE

Track List

01 - F.A.F.O
02 - Reverie
03 - Raising Fresh Hell
04 - Stupid On Parade
05 - Subjugated Souls
06 - Bathe In Fire
07 - Poetic Omen
08 - World ov Rats  
09 - Fear Porn
10 - The Death & Resurrection Show 2024
(bonus track for vinyl and digital)

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