Ex-CRYPTOPSY Canadian Vocalist MARTIN LACROIX Has Died

Ex-CRYPTOPSY Canadian Vocalist MARTIN LACROIX Has Died

Cryptopsy posted this about his death on Instagram..

"Farewell to Martin Lacroix, a formidable presence in Cryptopsy," wrote the band. "His brutal vocals, artistic prowess, and his warmth as a human will be dearly missed. Our thoughts are with his loved ones during this difficult time."

Gorguts added on their own page:

"It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of our dear friend [Martin Lacroix]. Martin was not only a gifted artist but also a close companion of Luc, residing nearby in Sherbrooke. Lacroix, a dedicated Gorguts fan, crafted the HarpSkull design for our shirts and later contributed to the entire artwork of Colored Sands (2013) on Season of Mist and some pieces for …And Then Comes Lividity: A Demo Anthology (2014) on War on Music Records. The scene has lost a precious gem, and he will always be remembered. RIP, Brother."

While the music community mourns the loss of Martin Lacroix, the circumstances surrounding his death remain undisclosed. Martin had been hospitalized recently due to his declining health, but the exact nature of his illness has not been revealed. As his family copes with this devastating loss, they have requested privacy to grieve and come to terms with the unimaginable pain they are experiencing. It is a time of reflection and remembrance as we honor Martin's life and the indelible mark he left on the music industry. Further updates regarding the circumstances of his passing will be shared in due course, allowing his fans and loved ones to find closure and pay their respects in the most meaningful way possible.

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the sudden passing of Martin Lacroix, a talented musician from Canada.

Martin was known for his work as the lead vocalist for death metal bands Spasme, Serocs, and Cryptopsy. He also made significant contributions as a graphic designer, creating logos and album covers for various Canadian metal bands.

Martin's time with Cryptopsy was particularly notable, although he faced challenges due to his limited English proficiency. The exact cause of his untimely death has not been disclosed, but our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time. We extend our deepest condolences and express our gratitude for Martin's contributions to the music industry. May he rest in peace.

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