Ex-Mötley Crüe Member Mick Mars Reveals the Name of His Debut Solo Album

Ex-Mötley Crüe Member Mick Mars Reveals the Name of His Debut Solo Album

The debut solo album by former Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars will be titled Another Side Of Mars, and he is seeking for a record label to release it as revealed to Rolling Stone.

The album is supposed to contain the songs 'Broken On The Inside,' 'Alone,' 'Lonely In Your Grave,' 'Loyal To The Lie,' 'Decay,' 'Fear,' 'Memories' and' Erased,' which Andy Greene of Rolling Stone described as “darker and more aggressive than anything in the Crüe catalog.”

Mars declared he wouldn’t travel to promote the record:

“I don’t tour anymore, I would if someone genuinely wants it for a single or a few nights. But I’m done with the traveling and flying."

The guitarist additionally disclosed that he recently sold his portion of the publishing rights to the Crüe discography:

"The agreement has just been signed. Because, as I mentioned, I’m likely to live another seven or eight years, I can now unwind and worry about nothing."
“Man, I’m old enough. I just have a hunch that I won’t live to be 85 or 90 years old, I’m not going to. My intellect doesn’t want this messed-up, ugly body to continue. I wish I could just extract knowledge from my brain, transfer it to a chip, and then implant it into a robot or someone else. I still have a lot running through my mind."

Mars has spent at least the last seven years working on his solo record. Michael Wagener (producer for Ozzy Osbourne, Accept, Skid Row) who just retired oversaw some of the early recording sessions at Nashville’s Blackbird Studio.

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