Former Fear Factory Vocalist Burton C Bell Announces First Solo Show

Former Fear Factory Vocalist Burton C Bell Announces First Solo Show

Former Fear Factory vocalist Burton. C Bell has announced his first solo show which will take place on June 13th at 1720 in L.A. He has also confirmed his backing band will consist of Henrik Linde on guitars (The Vitals, Dren), Ryan Junior Kittlitz on drums (All Hail The Yeti, The Acid Helps), Tony Baumeister on bass (ÆGES) and Stewart Cararas. Support comes frim Spirit In The Room and Sordes Dominum.

Bell recently revealed his new single "Anti-Droid" which is the first original song he has released in over four years under his own name since his departure from Fear Factory.

In a recent interview with Nu Pod Podcast, he reveals how he plans to release his new material and answers questions on whether he will play Fear Factory material during this live show.

"I'm working on individual singles at a time. I do have a record's worth of music. But I'm adopting the hip-hop strategy where instead of coming up, releasing a single and then the whole album comes out a couple of weeks later, and then a couple of weeks later, when that album is out, the momentum of the single and the whole record just kind of slows and becomes sluggish and just almost crashes."
"I'm in the process of booking a show. It's gonna be a showcase. It's gonna be in L.A., and I have a band together. They're already working on the set. It's a retrospection, so I plan to play four new songs, some deep-cut Fear Factory, some Ascension Of The Watchers, some G/Z/R, some City Of Fire."
"So I learned watching hip-hop artists and other artists as well, [where] they would just release a single at a time, keep that momentum, keep that spotlight on them and just release a single every few weeks and just keep that momentum going."
"My new music is an amalgamation of everything I've ever done, and I'm gonna basically put it all together into this package and just see what happens. And the live show, it's gonna be heavy, it's gonna be groovy. And I wanna create a vibe. I really do."

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