Former Liege Lord Guitarist Paul Nelson Has Passed Away

Former Liege Lord Guitarist Paul Nelson Has Passed Away

It's been reported on Paul Nelson's Facebook account that the former guitarist with Liege Lord has passed away.

Bullseye Management regrets to announce that Paul Nelson passed away on March 10, 2024 from a heart attack while on the road and touring. Paul was respected and revered as a Grammy winning producer, guitarist, songwriter, manager, and member of the Blues Hall of Fame.
His work and collaboration included over 20 years as manager, guitarist, producer, and friend to Johnny Winter. He had an impressive career spanning decades, but most importantly he will be remembered as a good man and a good friend.
Further information about services will be posted at a later time.

He played on two of Liege Lord's albums: Burn To My Touch and Master Control.

Track List:

01. Transgressor
02. Birds Of Prey
03. Cast Out
04. Portrait Of Despair
05. Black Lit Knights
06. The Manic’s Mask
07. Legend
08. Walking Fire
09. Speed Of Sound

Track List:

01. Fear Itself
02. Eye Of The Storm
03. Master Control
04. Kill The King
05. Soldier’s Fortune
06. Feel The Blade
07. Broken Wasteland
08. Rapture
09. Suspicion
10. Fallout

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