Is AC/DC planning a massive tour next year?

Is AC/DC planning a massive tour next year?

Rumours have been going around that AC/DC will embark on a massive tour in 2024.

Furthermore Dieter Reiter, mayor of Munich, Germany, apparently confirmed to the publication Bayerischer Rundfunk that AC/DC are set to play a show at Munich's Olympic Stadium on June 12 of next year. After spilling the beans during a city council meeting, the mayor told the publication, "I didn't know it was supposed to be a secret," according to Blabbermouth.

Several other rumors have circulated online regarding a potential 2024 AC/DC world tour. In another report from mid-October, Blabbermouth noted that Brazilian journalist Jose Norberto Flesch confirmed the band will perform at Rio de Janeiro's Rock in Rio festival next September.

If the tour happens next year, it will come 50 years after the release of AC/DC’s debut single ‘Can I Sit Next to You, Girl’ featuring their original vocalist Dave Evans. The band re-recorded the track with Bon Scott the following year.

Speaking to the Fuelling Around podcast earlier this year, Brian Johnson strongly hinted that the Power Trip performance might be the first of more AC/DC shows.

He explained that AC/DC were primed to bring their latest album ‘Power Up’ to the masses shortly before the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020.

“It does take a lot of time to get a band like AC/DC together again. Most of the crew were out working with other people," Brian said.

“Trying to get those guys back together again was tough but I’ve got my fingers crossed - everything is going ok. The most important thing about it all is the eagerness we all feel, the juices are running again.”

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