Kerry King Reveals New Track 'Residue' and Music Video

Kerry King Reveals New Track 'Residue' and Music Video

'Residue' is the second track to be released from Kerry King's solo debut album From Hell I Rise which is due to be released on May 17th.

Kerry says of the music video:

"I come from a big fire pedigree and my music works with fire. I’ve always written horror-type music, so it made sense to incorporate fire into the first video where you get to see the entire band, which I think is just awesome. I think fire goes hand-in-hand with the devil, and I’m no stranger to talking about the devil.”

Co-director of the music video Jim Louvau continues:

"I knew this would be the first time that the world was going to see the band performing together so I wanted to create a fast moving visual assault. Pyrotechnics and Kerry King clearly go hand and hand and seem to fit like a glove so Tony and I wanted to create something that felt familiar but also something new and exciting. I also knew I could get away with certain visuals like a burning pentagram.”

Check out the music video for 'Residue' below!

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