KISS Plays Last Show In New York City And A NEW ERA BEGINS

KISS Plays Last Show In New York City And A NEW ERA BEGINS

After 50 long years, KISS returned to their home city and put on one last show for their fans.  

And what a show it was. The band played for almost four hours and didn't disappoint, playing such classics as 'Detroit Rock City,' 'Lick It Up' and 'Love Gun' plus so many others. It was a night everyone that was there will never forget.

Before the final curtain call, the band made the announcement that although they were retiring, a virtual KISS will continue their legacy.

Paul Stanley said at the show:

"This is the end of the road. It seems sad, but tonight's a night for joy. Tonight's a night to celebrate what we did together."

Following their final performance of "Rock and Roll All Nite,' the band made their dramatic and firey exit however the night was not yet done. "God Gave Rock n' Roll to You" began and virtual images of the band appeared using the magic of lasers, LED screen projection and pyrotechnics. The images of the band themselves appeared 3D in front of a screen backdrop stating "A New Era Begins."


  1. Detroit Rock City
  2. Shout It Out Loud
  3. Deuce
  4. War Machine
  5. Heaven's on Fire
  6. I Love It Loud(Gene breathes fire)
  7. Say Yeah
  8. Cold Gin
  9. Guitar Solo(Tommy Thayer)
  10. Lick It Up(w/ The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" bridge)
  11. Calling Dr. Love
  12. Makin' Love(followed by Paul & Tommy dueling guitars)
  13. Psycho Circus(Partial)
  14. Drum Solo
  15. 100,000 Years(Partial)
  16. Bass Solo(Gene spits blood)
  17. God of Thunder
  18. Love Gun(Paul zip lines to B-Stage)
  19. I Was Made for Lovin' You(Paul on B-Stage)
  20. Black Diamond(Paul zip lines back to main stage)
  21. Encore:
  22. Beth(Eric Singer on piano and… more )
  23. Do You Love Me
  24. Rock and Roll All Nite
  25. God Gave Rock and Roll to You II(Kiss Holograms on screen)


The end is only the beginning. KISS have been immortalized and reborn as avatars to rock forever.


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