LUTHARO have announced a new album!

Titled Chasing Euphoria, the upcoming album from the Canadian modern metal band is the follow-up to 2021’s Hiraeth, and is scheduled to be released in March next year, via Atomic Fire Records.

The upcoming album was recorded by drummer Cory Hofing at CoHo Studio, with additional recording by Thomas Ireland and mixing and mastering by Lasse Lammert ofLSD-Studios [ALESTORM, GLORYHAMMER, WIND ROSE, SVARTSOT etc].

Speaking about the upcoming album, the band says:

"We are beyond excited to finally announce our second full-length album Chasing Euphoriawill be released on March 15, 2024! This album is very near and dear to our hearts as it has brought out the most emotion in us to date! We laughed, we cried and we put everything we have into this album. So when you listen to these songs, know you are taking a piece of us with you.”

Alongside the announcement of the new album, LUTHARO have released a new music video for a new song lifted from the upcoming album; Time To Rise. Speaking about the new song, the band says:

We are incredibly eager to finally introduce to the world our newest single, Time To Rise. This one is a doozy. This song is not only one of the most emotional we’ve written but has pushed us FAR out of our comfort zone in so many ways. This song has endless layers to it but its most dominant subject matter is inner child trauma and how it affects us in adult life especially when it isn’t resolved or acknowledged. We hope that through this song our listeners can begin a learning journey just as we have through this writing process. To anybody reading this: Remember to give yourself some grace, you and the younger version of you deserve it.”

Watch the official music video for Time To Rise here:

Track List:

1. Gates Of Enchantment
2. Reaper’s Call
3. Ruthless Bloodline
4. Time To Rise
5. Born To Ride
6. Bonded To The Blade
7. Chasing Euphoria
8. Creating A King
9. Strong Enough To Fall
10. Paradise Or Parasite
11. Freedom Of The Night

Chasing Euphoria is set for release on March 15tyh via Atomic Fire Records. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here

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