Mexico Metal Fest Announces Line-Up By Day

Check out the daily line-up for Mexico Metal Fest VII

Mexico Metal Fest Announces Line-Up By Day

The seventh edition of Mexico Metal Fest in Monterrey, Mexico is getting closer and closer.

On this occasion the festival announced its line-up per day where we will be able to see the distribution of bands. For November 10, these will be the bands that will be performing: BMR, Azteca, Thrown Into Exhile, Operus, Midnight, Exhoder, Cancer, Gutalax, Aborted, I Am Morbid, Carpathian Forest, Vader, Abbath, Primal Fear, Borknagar, Deicide, Kvelertak, and to close the first day, Triptykon, Blind Guardian and the powerful duo Mastodon - Gojira.

While for November 11 the line up is as follows:
All Misery, Haborym, Los Males Del Mundo, Gatecreeper, Crypta, Night Demon, Obscura, Impaled Nazarene, Vomitory, Exciter, Flotsam And Jetsam, Venom Inc, Tsjuder, Municipal Waste, Enslaved, Leprous, and topping the bill, Triptykon performing Celtic Frost, Septicflesh, Killswitch Engage, Emperor and Lamb Of God.

Without a doubt this edition will be a complete brutality, and tickets per day can be purchased from Monday July 10th directly on the festival website

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