New Line-up for Dutch Metal Band Beyond the Pale

New Line-up for Dutch Metal Band Beyond the Pale

Comeback Following the Death of Co-Founder and Guitarist Jeroen Van Donselaar

Dutch metal band Beyond the Pale has announced a new line-up. Exactly one year after the passing of their beloved band member and guitarist Jeroen van Donselaar, the group returned to the stage on April 27, introducing their new guitarist Geoffrey Maas (Martyr, Downcast Collision, Ibanez endorsing artist). The line-up is rounded out by:

●        Boudewijn de Kraaij (Container) - guitar

●        Janneke de Rooy (Altar, Paper Doll Decay & Why She Kills) - vocals

●        Frank van Boven (Disquiet, Slayer tribute band Player, Bloodgod) - bass

●        Johnny Derechos (Agents of Entropy, Bloodgod, Nuestros Derechos) - drums

The band was founded during the pandemic in 2020 by Johnny Derechos and Jeroen ‘Jerry Herrie’ van Donselaar. On April 27, 2022, the band played their debut show during Big Ass Metal Fest #33 in Utrecht. During the show, Jeroen passed away due to cardiac arrest.

The past year was all about recovery as well as finding a new guitarist. The band is now once again complete and eager to get back on track:

“Geoffrey is everything we hoped for and more. He’s a wonderful guy and excellent guitarist who brings a lot of new energy to the band. Like a phoenix, this new version of Beyond the Pale is forged from fire. Reborn from flames and ready to take the world by storm.”

In addition, Beyond the Pale is currently busy recording an EP.  More information will follow soon.

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