Nile's Karl Sanders Hospitalised Following Graspop Performance

Nile's Karl Sanders Hospitalised Following Graspop Performance

Legend and mastermind behind the brutal technical death metal band Nile, Karl Sanders has issued a statement following his hospitalisation with a serious illness after performing at Graspop. Due to this, Nile went on to perform at Hellfest Open Air without him.

Karl issued the below statement on the band's social media sites and we wish him a speedy recovery:

""I’m heartbroken to share that I became seriously ill after Graspop and have been in an emergency hospital this week in Belgium. As a result, I am going to have to miss Nile's performance at Hellfest. This is the first time in 19 years that I, personally, have not played a show due to illness, and it's incredibly hard for me to disappoint you all. Over the many years of my career with Nile, I have played shows while combating broken bones, neck injuries, back injuries, hand and wrist injuries, and all conceivable varieties of tour flu and infection sicknesses. If there were any way at all for me to make the show at Hellfest, believe me I would be there to participate in Metal. It's just not possible this time.
However, in the spirit of metal perseverance, the other members of Nile - George, Dan, and Zach - will be there to play the show as a three-piece. Please show them your support as they bravely give it their all to bring you the music that we in Nile love to share. Your energy and enthusiasm will make all the difference to create an unforgettable experience for everyone. It will make me happy to see videos of epic moshing and classic Nile chants at Hellfest from my sickbed! Thank you for your understanding and support. I appreciate all of you, and will see you back on tour with the guys in September."

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