Rammstein Sued For Plagiarism

Rammstein Sued For Plagiarism

It has been reported by Day FR Euro that French synth-wave/electronica band Ninja Cyborg are taking legal action against Rammstein. Allegedly, Rammstein's track 'Deutschland' plagiaries one of Ninja Cyborg's tracks 'The Sunny Road.'

Legal papers were lodged with the Paris Court of Appeal after a previous claim was dismissed in 2021. According to the paperwork, legal music expert Richard Dubugnon claims that the German power group "intentionally borrowed the riff and other melodic elements" from 'The Sunny Road' which hold "too many similarities" and alledges plagiarism.

Prior to the legal argument and according to reports, Rammstein had actually accused Ninja Cyborg of stealing the idea from them. However, Ninja Cyborg argued that their track was released in 2018 which was a year before Rammstein released 'Deutschland' in 2019.

Ninja Cyborg's Marc Botté states:

"I don't like Rammstein, and I don't listen to this group. I created that riff. I knew very well that I hadn't plagiarized them." (translated)

The case is due to be heard before the Intellectual Property Chamber of the Paris Judicial Court in September. In a separate article published by Le Nouvel Obs, Ninja Cyborg go on to state:

"We want this piece to be recognized as ours and that we no longer spend our lives as artists perpetually justifying ourselves."

Original source: BFMTV

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