Shadows Fall Are Writing New Material

Shadows Fall Are Writing New Material

In a recent interview with The Jasta Show, vocalist Brian Fair of Shadows Fall has confirmed that the band have been working on new material.

"I will finally say, there are riffs that are turning into skeletons that might become songs. Now, what happens with them, where they go, we'll see. But once we started jamming, we were like, "what's the point of doing this without writing new riffs?" And we had to make sure they were gonna sound like Shadows Fall; we didn't wanna come out of nowhere with something different, out of left field.
But so far, they're coming together man, and I'm stoked on what I'm hearing. So hopefully that'll continue, that'll continue on. But as far as dropping a whole record… Who knows? These days it's different anyway. Shit, we can just drop a few random singles and then see where it goes. But I'm excited that we're writing, that we're doing things. And so far what I've heard has been amazing… I haven't really committed, but we are finally getting our shit together and getting some riffs together."

Shadows Fall have recently performed a number of reunion shows and hopefully we'll see some new material which will be their first since 2012's Fire From The Sky.

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