Slipknot Officially Announce Eloy Casagrande as their Drummer

Slipknot Officially Announce Eloy Casagrande as their Drummer

In a social media post showcasing the band's homage to their early days following their performance at Sick World, Slipknot have officially confirmed that Eloy Casagrande is their new drummer.

Although the social media post itself only states "2024 1999," Casagrande is tagged in the post along with the other members of the band.

Casagrande joined Slipknot in February, replacing former drummer Jay Weinberg following Weinberg’s surprise dismissal in November 2023.

Casagrande suddenly quit Sepultura in February shortly before rehearsals for the the band's 40th anniversary farewell tour.

This led fans to put the timelines together to figure out that Casagrande was the new drummer before his first show with Slipknot.

At the moment, the identity of Slipknot's keyboardist following Craig Jones' departure remains unknown.

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