Sylosis Announce New Album and Release New Video

Sylosis Announce New Album and Release New Video

It was recently reported that Josh Middleton amicably parted ways with Architects but he has went on to divulge details of the upcoming Sylosis album.

The new album 'A Sign Of Things To Come' will be released on September 8th 2023 via Nuclear Blast. The band released a new video for 'Poison For The Lost' to mark the announcement below.

Middleton says about the new album:

"we're confident that we've created something special with our new record and we can't wait for you to hear the new music over the coming months ahead of the release in September.

He goes on to say:

"This is the first time I've allowed myself to be produced: taking on some brutal criticism and pushing myself to deliver the best vocal performance of my career. I'm a big fan of progressive and long albums but I was ruthless with myself during the whole process. I think that shows in the final result on the record!"

The track-list and album artwork for 'A Sign Of Things To Come' is below:

1. Deadwood
2. A Sign Of Things To Come
3. Pariahs
4. Poison For The Lost
5. Descent
6. Absent
7. Eye For An Eye
8. Judas
9. Thorns
10. A Godless Throne

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