Tailgunner Announces New Guitarist

The band announced their new guitarist

Tailgunner Announces New Guitarist

Today, Tailgunner announced that guitarist Rhea Thompson joins its lineup as an official permanent guitarist.

Rhea filled in as guitarist for Tailgunner's Wolverhampton show where the band opened for KK's Priest. The chemistry and energy that the guitarist projected was incredible, immediately earning her the respect and affection of the fans.

The band announced the news with the following statement on their social networks:

"Please join us in welcoming to the band, our new permanent co-lead guitarist, the Mancunian shred machine herself Rhea Thompson 🔥🔥🔥We are thrilled to have Rhea in for the long haul! From the moment she stepped up in May, learning the set in 3 days she has felt like the missing piece of our puzzle, playing far beyond what we were used to from the second guitar, allowing us to sound so much bigger - N’ we know all of you who caught a show over the Summer have been as blown away as we have!"

Rhea says:

“I’m immensely proud and thrilled to be joining the band, and being part of the revolution to put British Heavy Metal back on the map!
I can’t wait to hit the road for the Guns For Hire tour, and I’m excited to be a part of Tailgunner’s journey!”

The band released their debut album a few weeks ago and will continue the Guns For Hire promotional tour with Rhea Thompson as official guitarist throughout Europe and the UK.

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