The Ghost Movie Is Almost Here

The Ghost Movie Is Almost Here

The band Ghost have posted a cryptic teaser trailer for an upcoming film project. According to the 30 second long clip, the project is due to be "coming soon to cinemas worldwide."

Leader and mastermind behind Ghost Tobias Forge confirmed last October in a conversation with Metal Hammer that the project will include footage from the band's September 2023 shows at the Forum in Inglewood, California.

"When I first started putting it together, I was, like, 'Oh my god, I'm going to faint because there's so much to think about. Then it was, like, 'No, no, just don't think about it at all. "I have never seen a crowd interact the way that they did since I was in a club band. They were the best shows I've ever done with Ghost, just because I didn't have to see those fucking mobile phones.
Essentially shooting a film. And we used two nights of crowds as extras. It's going to be a film with a concert element. So a lot of what you experienced [at the two L.A. shows] is going to be part of this project."

The aforementioned shows were device-free experiences; the use of smartphones and other devices were not permitted and all devices were secured in individual Yondr pouches upon arrival.

Tobias originally confirmed the project back in 2019 during a conversation with Revolver.

"Most films about bands are biographical, and I see no reason to tell our story yet. It's a little bit like premature ejaculation. You have to have a career first and then you can tell the real story, so that was never an option. And when you yank away that, what do you have? Well, that would be a fictional story."
The cog wheels are turning on that one. We're just trying to figure out a lot of the practicalities. Making a film is a big endeavor. Another problem that I have had over the course of my career is that I don't have a shit-ton of time. I've learned over the years that it's really important not to do everything at once."

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