Tony Iommi's Opinion On The New Black Sabbath Ballet Production.

Tony Iommi's Opinion On The New Black Sabbath Ballet Production.

Tony Iommi has confirmed he visited rehearsals for the Birmingham Royal Ballet's upcoming production 'Black Sabbath - The Ballet.'

He watched dancers rehearse and enjoyed the unlikely combination of two completely different art forms. He admitted that he was not an expert in ballet however after attending the rehearsals, he has seen how his riffs have been translated in to dance; and he's very impressed.

Iommi told Britain's Channel 4 News: "I love it. It's so different and it's something that a lot of people didn't expect, including me. I've never been to a ballet in my life. But to come in and working with these guys, and seeing it, it;s just fantastic and the work that they put in is just amazing."

(Image credit: PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Image)

Black Sabbath - The Ballet will run from September 23 to September 30 at the at the Hippodrome theatre in Birmingham. It will include eight specially re-orchestrated Sabbath songs from the band's first five albums, as listed below:

Paranoid (Paranoid, 1970)
Iron Man (Paranoid, 1970)
War Pigs (Paranoid, 1970)
Black Sabbath(Black Sabbath, 1970)
Solitude (Master Of Reality, 1971)
Orchid (Master Of Reality, 1971)
Laguna Sunrise (Vol. 4, 1972)
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, 1973)

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