Unleash The Archers Announce New Album Phantoma, Single “Green & Glass” Released

Unleash The Archers Announce New Album Phantoma, Single “Green & Glass” Released

New album out May 10th, 2024 on Napalm Records!

Artwork by: Dusty Peterson

This is Phantoma, a Phase 4/Network Tier 0 unit-model A (Ph4/NTO-mA). She is an artificial intelligence that runs a hub outside the LA biome, and she is sentient. She longs for freedom, but more importantly, she longs to live among the humans and be as they are. She has watched them from afar via the netaverse and fallen in love with the carefree and beautiful lives they live tucked away inside their protective domes. This album follows Phantoma as she journeys to find her own path in this brave new world, and perhaps her own humanity, along the way.

Pre-orders available at https://napalmrecords.com/english/unleashthearchers.

Music video for the first single 'Green & Glass' streaming on the Napalm YouTube channel. Listen now on all streaming platforms, everywhere!

Brittany Slayes: This is a concept album (of course!) based on artificial intelligence, so we wanted to utilize Al in as many aspects of the album as we could to create a 'snapshot' of Al as it currently stands. No, the music was not created with Al, but some of the lyrics were!

The story follows Phantoma, an Al that gains sentience and works to escape the bonds that humanity has placed upon her. Despite her imprisonment she idolizes humankind, and she will have several dark and heartbreaking revelations about the truth of human nature (as we all do, in life) throughout her journey.

Head over to YouTube to check the full video out now!

Track Listing:

  1. Human Era
  2. Ph4/NTO-mA
  3. Buried In Code
  4. The Collective
  5. Green & Glass
  6. Gods In Decay
  7. Give It Up Or Give It All
  8. Ghosts In The Mist
  9. Seeking Vengeance
  10. Blood Empress

Recorded by Andrew Kingsley and JJ Heath at Silverside Sound

Additional vocals recorded by KVZKY

Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen

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