Wintersun Announce Long-Awaited New Album

Wintersun Announce Long-Awaited New Album

It's been a long 12 years since the release of Time I however the Finnish metal titans Wintersun have announced that Time II will be released on August 30th via Nuclear Blast Records. Mastermind and driving force Jari Mäenpää confirmed that he has been working on the project since 2004 and each of the six tracks will have an individual story.

"TIME II is an epic journey from light to darkness and back to light, exploring the universe and energy, contrasting dark stormy landscapes to calm and beautiful cherry blossom tree gardens with misty, snowy mountains that will leave you breathless. It has songs with furious speed of drums, guitars, and bass and beautiful melodic slower songs with a magical exotic influence. It has massive orchestrations and choirs spiced with ancient world instruments and glimmering synths. It has Jari’s soaring, clean singing contrasted with his aggressive style. It is a highly detailed and complex album where you will find new things with every listen.”

Pre-order Time II HERE.

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