On This Day In Metal: May 19th 1992 KISS Released The Album “Revenge”

On This Day In Metal: May 19th 1992 KISS Released The Album “Revenge”

It is the band's first album to feature current drummer Eric Singer, following the death of former drummer Eric Carr in November 1991.

Marking a stylistic departure from the pop-influenced glam metal which characterized much of the band's 1980s output for a heavier sound, the album reached the Top 20 in several countries, though it failed to reestablish the group back in the mainstream and its sales were equal-to or less than its predecessors.

The album did manage to reach number 6 on the Billboard Charts and sold over 500,00 units.

Bruce Kulick would comment about that time:

“I feel that music was really changing at the time, and it was getting darker and grungier. We know this, and I think that Gene was really embracing that stuff quite a bit. He liked some of that darkness that some of those bands had. He was attracted to the drop-D tuning and all those things, but Paul was not so sure. He was not a big fan of flannel shirts and all that. [Laughs]. So, when we started to work on songs, Gene was the one that was really writing and being creative and working on stuff, and I worked a lot with Gene. Eric [Singer] would be involved, and we would jam in these kinds of funky studios and come out of there with ideas.”

Track Listing:

1) Unholy
2) Take It Off
3) Tough Love
4) Spit
5) God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II
6) Domino
7) Heart of Chrome
8) Thou Shalt Not
9) Every Time I Look At You
10) Paralyzed
11) I Just Wanna
12) Carr Jam 1981

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