Ozzy Osborne Cancels His Power Trip Performance

Ozzy Osbourne announced that he will no longer perform at the Power Trip Festival

Ozzy Osborne Cancels His Power Trip Performance

The Prince of Darkness has canceled his performance at the Power Trip Festival to be held in the fall in Indio, California, where he would share the stage with Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses, Tool, Metallica and AC/DC.

Through a statement published on his social networks, Ozzy explained that the reason why he cancels his presentation is because of the health problems that have afflicted him for a few years, derived from an injury that has prevented him from walking and moving well, as well as the recent statement where he let the world know that he suffered from Parkinson's.

Ozzy apologized to his fans who hoped to see him in California but says he is not prepared to take the stage due to his unstable health, at the same time it was reported that the band that will replace the Prince of Darkness will be announced shortly.

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