SABER signs with RPM ROAR and announces new album "Lost In Flames"

SABER signs with RPM ROAR and announces new album "Lost In Flames"
Photo: Pouya Golhassani

SABER is an exciting Los Angeles based heavy metal band rising through ranks and earning a devoted following. They are known for their uniquely sleazy take on the traditional heavy metal sound. Founded in 2018, they quickly got to work and crafted a series of thundering tracks and rocked audiences with every live performance. In 2021 they dropped their incredible debut album “Without Warning”, and are regarded as one of the hottest new metal bands around.  Sonically and aesthetically, SABER’s artistic identity is firmly rooted in the 80s. It is heavily influenced by JUDAS PRIEST, QUEENSRYCHE and RIOT, but crafted through their own unique lens. Over time, they have built a distinctly energetic audiovisual experience that resonates with their diverse and growing fanbase.

After two years playing and touring alongside legends like NIGHT DEMON, SACRED REICH, HAUNT and SCREAMER, the band is now ready to unleash their second masterpiece “Lost In Flames”, which sounds fresh, wild and… hungry!

Today, SABER are proud to reveal their signing with RPM and their new founded division RPM ROAR: “We are honored and very excited to be signed with RPM! Saber has its eyes set on our music reaching everyone across the globe, so working alongside a label that is home to some of the most talented artists in the world will make that come to fruition. We can't wait to unveil what we have in store for everyone! Our music will spread like wildfire, and we will watch as the flames spread world wide!", comments the band.
SABER directly became a part of the NWOTHM scene with young bands, playing traditional heavy metal in a fresh way, just like their labelmates TAILGUNNER or bands like RIOT CITY, WINGS OF STEEL, TRAVELER, VISIGOTH and many more.

“We are heavily inspired by all 80s music, we love the glam era as well, as many can tell, we have that certain look that is unmistakably glam but don't let it fool you, the songs are heavier than you may expect”, says guitarist Joel Dominguez and adds. “The album is relentlessly infectious! We know our fans will love it and we hope to make a lot of new fans upon release.”

One thing is certain: The future of metal belongs to SABER!

SABER online:

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