SILENT ANGEL Release Debut Album "Unyielding, Unrelenting"

Italian / Malaysian-based Silent Angel presents its debut album "Unyielding, Unrelenting".

SILENT ANGEL Release Debut Album "Unyielding, Unrelenting"

With its foundations deeply rooted in power and symphonic metal along with mixing progressive and Japanese metal influences, Italian / Malaysian-based Silent Angel presents its debut album "Unyielding, Unrelenting". Featuring 10 tracks, the crafting of the full length and lyrics was an exciting yet emotional process in which band founder Eric “StormBlade” Poon poured out his heart, soul, and emotions during the composition process.

"I hope that the listeners will immerse themselves in the music and that the emotions, energy, and feelings will be translated to the listeners whilst listening to the album in its entirety."

Lead vocalist Claudia Beltrame adds:

"We’d like for our audience to be enthralled by the super catchy melodies and hit by the vibrant riffs, inspired by the greatest power metal bands from the 90s. We’d also like for them to appreciate the unique blend of the two voices, and be engrossed in the rhythmic session powerful throughout the album, from the most energetic tracks to the most emotional ones."

Working on a shoestring budget, Silent Angel started off by recording some demos and put out a roughly recorded EP just to see if the music had potential and it did. Changing their lineup along with the global pandemic setting things back by a few years, through all the trials and tribulations, their hard work, dedication, and efforts are finally coming to fruition.

"The tracks are actually a selection of songs that I wrote back in the late 90s until the resurgence and reformation of Silent Angel in 2015 and subsequently, resumed writing and composing the music, lyrics, and song arrangement," says Eric Poon.

"Unyielding, Unrelenting" is meant to immerse fans in the music and let it give them the strength and courage to face their demons and overcome adversity. The record offers a lot of pleasant vintage vibes, magnificent guitar solos, and hammering drums, but also sentimental and quiet moments and unique melody lines with its soaring duo vocals and energetic rock singing from Claudia Beltrame, frontwoman for Italian symphonic prog band, Degrees Of Truth and Gracie Shona, well known from the Malaysian club scene.

"There will be a Silent Angel, a guardian, a protector that will give you that sliver of hope and nudge to push on and fight for a better future as you listen to ten tracks of power/symphonic metal," adds Eric Poon.

Recommended for fans of Iron Maiden, Helloween, Stratovarius, Rhapsody, and Hammerfall, Silent Angel's "Unyielding, Unrelenting" is available from Rockshots Records as of November 24th, 2023.

Digital -

Album order - https:/

Track Listing:
1. Unyielding Spirit - 2:40
2. Against The Tides - 5:34
3. A Destiny In Shadows - 3:45
4. Through Selene's Eyes - 4:30
5. Aurora's Dream - 4:58
6. Descent Into Infinity - 3:50
7. When Dusk Meets Dawn - 3:20
8. Angel Rising - 4:07
9. Tears Of Celestine - 5:21
10. Twilight Of The Black Rose - 6:18
Album Length: 44:27

Silent Angel is:
Eric “StormBlade” Poon – Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals, Songwriter, Lyricist
Claudia Beltrame – Lead Vocals
Gracie Shona – Co-lead Vocals
Dauz – Bass

Permanent Session Musicians
Davide Scuteri – Keyboards, Synth
PAE – Drums

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