BILLBOARD 200 Charts for week ending October 22nd, 1988

1. “New Jersey” Bon Jovi

2. “Appetite for Destruction” Guns N’ Roses

3. “Hysteria” Def Leppard

7. “…And Justice For All” Metallica

13.  “Long Cold Winter” Cinderella 

16.  “OU812” Van Halen

17.  “Open Up And Say…Ahh! Poison  

22.  “Out of this World” Europe  

30.  “State of Euphoria” Anthrax 

43.  “Britny Fox” Britny Fox 

52.  “Savage Amusement” Scorpions “

55.  “No Rest for the Wicked” Ozzy Osbourne   

68.  “Permanent Vacation” Aerosmith  

72.  “Vixen” Vixen 

76.  “Winger” Winger 

79.  “Surfing with the Alien” Joe Satriani

92.  “Over the Edge” Hurricane 

94.  “Blow My Fuse” Kix

104.“Man in Motion” Night Ranger 

110.“In God We Trust” Stryper 

113.“How Can I Laugh Tomorrow” Suicidal Tendencies 

119.“Lita” Lita Ford

127.“South of Heaven” Slayer 

134.“Danzig” Danzig

135.“Pride” White Lion 

152.“Pyromania” Def Leppard 

164.“Stand in Line” Impellitteri

185.“Under the Influence” Overkill 

189.“Survive” Nuclear Assault

198.“Surfin’ M.O.D.” M.O.D.


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