Album Review: Clutch - Sunrise on Slaughter Beach

Album Review: Clutch - Sunrise on Slaughter Beach

Album Review: Clutch – Sunrise on Slaughter Beach 

In the last four years, many life-changing events have occurred so many in fact. I refrain from even mentioning them. We’ve survived it so no reason to reacquaint with the obvious. It’s time to move forward into new and unexplored territories. Time to live life! While remembering the ones we lost and moving forward in their honor.

Another major undertaking over the last four years has been the creation of “Sunrise on Slaughter Beach”. The newest studio album from the American rock band Clutch. The album was released on September 16th, 2022 on the band’s very own Weathermaker Music. This is a follow-up to “Book of Bad Decisions” which has been the longest hiatus between albums for the band. I bet world events and life assisted in the hiatus but what a return! 

This album exceeds all expectations that I had for any new music from any band, especially Clutch. I am always impressed with the passion and attention to detail of this particular musical group. Consistency and commitment to a proven formula sonically and lyrically but by no means it lacks progression. 

Right from the start of the album you’re punched straight in the face with that signature rocker with Red Alert. Next, I really enjoy the song Slaughter Beach and both opening tracks will be exciting to see live. Both of these heavy tracks are just the setup for the musical journey the band is taking you on. 

A few of my personal favorite tracks are Nosferatu Madre, We Strive for Excellence and Mountain of Bone. None of the tracks disappoint and will resonate with fans of all genres of music. 

Overall this is a fun record and highly recommend a listen. 

Track Listing from Sunrise on Slaughter Beach 

  1. Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)
  2. Slaughter Beach
  3. Mountain of Bone
  4. Nosferatu Madre
  5. Mercy Brown
  6. We Strive for Excellence
  7. Skeletons on Mars
  8. Three Golden Horns
  9. Jackhammer Our Names

Clutch is Neil Fallon on Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Time Sult Lead Guitar, Dan Maines Bass Guitar, and Jean-Paul Gaster Drums. 

Rating: 9/10

Released By: Weathermaker Music

Release Date: September 16th, 2022

Favorite Track(s): Red Alert, Slaughter Beach, We Strive for Excellence and Nosferatu Madre.

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