Album Review King's X -Three Sides of One

Album Review King's X -Three Sides of One

Three Sides of One is the thirteenth studio album by King’s X, released on September 2, 2022, from Inside Out Music and Sony Music. The last release from the King’s X was in 2008 with XV fourteen years ago. Part of the hiatus has been band members focusing on solo and side projects. Another unfortunate setback has been health-related issues with drummer Jerry Gaskill who suffered not just one but two heart attacks. 

Despite the setbacks, the band is back with a new album in the style that fans have all come accustomed to from this unique quintet. The album starts off strong with Let It Rain which has a hypnotic melody with an almost Zeppelin feel. Track two is Flood, Pt. 1 which is the heaviest song on the album. I would pick this as my favorite on the new release. The vocal harmonies are strong on this track which mix quite well for a beautiful layer to the chaos. 

I enjoyed the album and have always respected the trio and especially Doug Pinnick voice. Side note, he just turned 72 this month so a very happy birthday to Doug. 

I will admit most of the album is a great listen and I can appreciate the direction of the material. It has great songwriting and clearly shows the band’s influences along with impeccable musicianship. Guitarist Ty Tabor sings many of the tracks and is an incredibly talented guitar player but I just couldn’t connect with the material. It verged on overkill and really became redundant on a few of the tracks. 

Overall, I think it is a good album, and appreciate seeing the band back together.

Rating 3/5

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