Album Review - Radiance by The Dead Daisies

Album Review - Radiance by The Dead Daisies

Album Review – Radiance, The Dead Daisies 

The evolution of this group may have come to fruition on the latest release from The Dead Daisies entitled “Radiance” on Spitfire, SPV, and Steamhammer Records. 

This release is the 6th studio album from the band which welcomed back Brian Tichy on the drums which set an incredible element to the album. Glenn Hughes never disappoints with his vocals and even tastier bass licks. Then the guitar duo of David Lowy and Doug Aldridge add the perfect element of the blues with melodic solos. 

The band since its existence has had 21 different members cycle thru but arguably the addition of Hughes has seen the band come into its own. The newest release is a collection of melodic guitar solos with a bluesy rock feel to the entire album. 

Radiance kicks off strong with “Face Your Fear” which is a strong indication of the journey you’re about to take. Next is “Hypnotize Yourself” the third single released back in August along with Shine On another single. Personally, Radiance is one of my personal favorites with Courageous and Cascade, two deeper tracks. 

Overall, really strong release from the band which really highlights their talents and musicianship. If hard rock layered in the blues with the melody for days then this is an album for you. 

Rating: 7/10

Released By: Spitfire, SPV and Steamhammer Records 

Favorite Track(s): Radiance, Shine On and Cascade

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