Album Review: Self Titled - Valiant Sentinel

Album Review: Self Titled - Valiant Sentinel

Album Review: Self Titled – Valiant Sentinel

I was contacted by the band Valiant Sentinel seeking a review of their debut album. Very happy they did! It is a powerful metal masterpiece for any lover of mythological lyrics over face-melting guitar riffs. The band hales from Greece and is led by Dimitris Skodras who writes the music. He is a truly amazing musician which shows in his guitar and bass playing. 

The first thing that stood out to me was when I listened to the album. I couldn’t find it on any music platforms or much information about the band. Not sure if it is calculated or just a work in progress? In my opinion, it would only build a bigger following and interest if marketed correctly. Great band that needs to be heard by the right audience. 

The album was released in 2021 with Dimitris Skodras on Guitar and Bass. He also writes all music and lyrics for the project. The release features three different vocalists. Rob Lundgren is the primary vocalist on eight of the ten tracks on the album. Fabio Lione featured on “Forelorn” and Tim “Ripper” Owens on “King In The North”. 

The decision to have different vocalists do not hinder the flow of the music. I think it only enhances the music and makes the band unique. The music is built upon huge drums, heavy guitar riffs, and epic vocals. Personally, I enjoyed One Must Fall, Age of Mythology, and Victorious the most on this release. 

One Must Fall is pure rock!! Driving drums beat with a killer guitar riff and superb melodic vocals on this track. This would be an amazing song to hear live. 

Age of Mythology is another thrash metal guitar extravaganza layered with double bass drums making for the perfect metal song. 

Lastly, Victorious is anthemic with a hypnotic melody and guitar harmony that makes it an epic song. This one has so many different elements and musical changes it’s a fantastic representation of the band. 

Age of Mythology starts with a ferocious double bass attack layered with an unforgettable melodic guitar melody. 

Lastly, Victorious is a relentless and fast-paced power-metal powerhouse. This might be the highlight of the entire record. 

Rating: 6.5/10

Released By: Independent 

Release Date: December 2, 2021 

Favorite Track(s): One Must Fall, Age of Mythology, and Victorious

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