Album Review: Accept - Humanoid

Album Review: Accept - Humanoid
Photo Credit: Christoph Vohler

German Heavy Metal titans Accept have returned with their highly anticipated 17th studio album Humanoid which is due to be released on Friday, April 26th via Napalm Records.

Humanoid is not a concept album but it does deal with topics such as AI and how our reliance on technology is gradually stripping away our individuality. It also deals with raw emotions, frailties and characteristics that make us individuals as humans.

Guitarist and sole remaining original member Wolf Hoffmann says:

"I‘m a little afraid that humanity gets lost and pushed aside in all this stuff. People are concerned that pretty soon real artistry will become obsolete as technology is getting extremely good. The days have passed when you thought, "maybe one day in the future..." It‘s already here man! It‘s a scary thought how the world will look in a few years. Are people even going to care about songwriters, or the depth and complexity of human emotions and man made creations? Are the days numbered for real artists? I guess in a way it‘s also quite exciting. This Digital Revolution is having a monumental impact, probably bigger than anything humankind has ever gone through. The Industrial Revolution was huge, but this might be bigger, and we‘re just at the beginning of it!“
Photo Credit: Christoph Vohler

'Diving Into Sin' opens with an energetic, Middle Eastern influenced introduction before the aggressive guitars and harsh, screaming vocals set the pace for the record. An electrifying start full of catchy hooks, rampant drums and addictive choruses. The title track presents itself with pummeling drums and a screeching guitar solo before it charges forward with hellish vigour and sinister guitars. The lyrics are chant-worthy and there is an subtly ominous atmosphere. 'Frankenstein' continues with the same guitar-driven energy that the whole record showcases telling the story of Frankenstein's Monster. The guitarwork is centre-stage and precise with frantic shreddage, catchy riffs and soaring solos; a definite crowd-pleaser in the making with fist-pumping chants of "I AM ALIVE (HEY!), SO ALIVE (HEY!), FOREVER FREE FRANK-EN-STEIN!" 'Man Up' is classic Accept and classic heavy metal in all its wonderful glory. A brooding, groove-laden, mid-tempo stomp brimming with attitude.

'The Reckoning' is fun and bouncy with more flying solos as Tornillo sings and screams about various biblical references. 'Nobody Gets Out Alive' was written for huge crowds and energetic live shows in mind, sending a message that regardless of your creed or situation in life we all meet the same conclusion, so we might as well unite and party. 'Ravages of Time' is the record's ballad which continues in the same theme as the track's predecessor. An emotive, heartfelt power ballad about living on borrowed time and living your life to the fullest. 'Unbreakable' changes pace with a more upbeat tone and rhythm. A homage to the band itself and the relationship with their fans.

As the record descends in to it's final few tracks, 'Mind Games' resonates with the style of Accept's earlier material. A muscular track full of addictive riffs and in your face attitude. Rhythmical drumming carries the track forward at a steady pace. The guitar solo is detailed and expansive but it is the duel guitar attack that really steals the show. 'Straight Up Jack' will make you grab your favourite drink and get the party started. A straight forward drinking track guaranteed to get the crowd chanting back and jumping. 'Southside of Hell' closes the record with fevered aggression and unbridled guitar wizardry. The record doesn't lose its vigour and brings it full circle to the same powerful energy it began with.

Sometimes, straight up riffage with no frills and all thrills is exactly what you need and that is exactly what Accept have delivered with Humanoid. A healthy slab of classic heavy metal which has complimented the band's legacy.

Rating: 7.5/10
Release Date: April 26th 2024
Released By: Napalm Records
FFO: Saxon, Judas Priest, Dio, W.A.S.P

Track List

01 - Diving Into Sin
02 - Humanoid
03 - Frankenstein
04 - Man Up
05 - The Reckoning
06 - Nobody Gets Out Alive
07 - Ravages Of Time
08 - Unbreakable
09 - Mind Games
10 - Straight Up Jack
11 - Southside Of Hell

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