Album Review: Cryptopsy - As Gomorrah Burns

Album Review: Cryptopsy - As Gomorrah Burns

Cryptopsy's 8th studio album As Gomorrah Burns will be released on September 8th 2023 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Often cited as one of the innovators of the death metal scene to come out of Quebec, tech-death masters Cryptopsy have returned with an explosive 8th studio album As Gomorrah Burns; be prepared to have your faces absolutely annihilated with this one.

Vocalist Matt McGachy says of the new album:

"It's an album that we have been crafting for the past five years. A meticulous endeavor that we are proud of. It's the perfect medley of old-school Cryptopsy with a few modern twists. We've leaned heavily into the grooves and let some of the riffs breathe just a little more than we have on the past few releases. I'm really stoked about the new era of Cryptopsy."

The pummeling drums are the primary focus throughout the entirety of the record but in the opening stages of the first track 'Lascivious Undivine,' they are instantly prominent before the vocals rip roar from the depths of hell. Technical riffage and thunderous blastbeats continue the onslaught as the track charges forward with intense ferocity. 'In Abeyance' is full of demonic rage as Matt screams "I WAS PROMISED A UTOPIA!" before the track explodes with fevered shredding, thunderous drums and devastating gutterals. Speaking of screams, 'Godless Deceiver' begins with a scream of anguish from the void as it chugs on violently and relentlessly. The solo in this track in particular is outstanding as it twists and turns, offering a slight reprieve to the brutality. The heavy basslines in this track are also noteworthy, bringing a whole new dimension to the band's technical prowess. 'Ill Ender' showcases dual technical guitars and yet more insane drumming. There is a distinct groove element to this track but don't let that fool you; it's still every bit as ferocious as the tracks that came before it.

'Flayed the Swine' is violent, rage-fuelled and incredibly technical. This track is full of insane tempo changes, soaring solos and sinister atmosphere, utilising that classic 90s Death Metal sound. Plus more glorious blastbeats; you can never have too many blastbeats. 'The Righteous Lost' really highlights the heavy, funk-infused basslines supporting the intricate guitarwork and aggressive growls. 'Obeisant' is an entirely different beast; it slowly builds with a mid-tempo pace before exploding forth with frantic shredding and hellish attitude. The closing track, 'Praise the Filth' is one final push in to the abyss of sinister rage and adrenaline-fuelled ferocity.

It's been a long 10 years since Cryptopsy's last self-titled album (not including subsequent EPs and compilation releases) and they've returned with the pure intention of annihilation and destruction. As Gomorrah Burns is precise, incredibly technical and is set to leave its fiery mark on the death metal genre.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: September 8th 2023
Released By: Nuclear Blast Records
FFO: Death, Cannibal Corpse, Nile


01 - Lascivious Undivine
02 - In Abeyance  
03 - Godless Deceiver
04 - Ill Ender    
05 - Flayed The Swine
06 - The Righteous Lost          
07 - Obeisant        
08 - Praise The Filth

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