Album Review: Dead Talks - Veneration Of The Dead

Album Review: Dead Talks - Veneration Of The Dead

Veneration of The Dead by Dead Talks will be released via Apostasy Records on August 18th 2023.

A musical monster arises from the ashes of Corpse Molester Cult to seemingly prove that death is not the end. Dead Talks from Lohja (Finland) are ready to unleash their full-length debut Veneration Of The Dead, full of waltzing mid-tempo death metal tunes you can’t escape. Based on the Tattarisuo case of the 1930s, a man stole corpses from the cemetery to first dismember them and then bury them in the mud, because he expected a satanic treasure to rise from the dead as a result. Dead Talks (featuring Amorphis' Tomi Joutsen) are here to take you on a horror-filled journey in both a crushing and soaring manner.

'Son of the Nameless One' is a crushing, thunderous stomp dragging the listener through heavy, chugging riffs, catchy, groove-laden riffs and brutal gutterals. Spoiler alert: there are absolutely no clean vocals at all in this record so prepare to have your face torn off. 'The Human Plague' carries on in the same vein but heavier on the melodic groove side of things yet every bit as crushing as its predecessor.  '508' opens with a catchy, Slayer-esque riff with thunderous, rolling drums before launching in to demonic screams and blistering blast-beats. This track twists and turns between pure ferocity and ominous atmosphere; a catchy, headbanging masterpiece. 'The End of the Tunnel' turns up the ominous, stomping atmosphere with a devastating pulse of pure dread with catchy hooks and brutal growls. This track in particular has a stunning dual guitar soundscape at its midway point breaking through the menacing aura.

Next up, we have 'Pedophile God;' quite possibly the most sinister track of the entire record. A faster tempo comes in to play here compared to the first half of the record but it still relies on that devastating ferocity and mid-tempo grooves. 'Death's Charioteer' however takes a distinct 'Black n' Roll' vibe which is ridiculously catchy. It's charging, stomping and addictively melodic in nature but, again, it doesn't lose its edge or ferocity. 'Skinless' is heavy on both the sinister atmosphere and mid-tempo groove stomps as it continues to trudge forward towards its conclusion. However, at its midway point, the track throws a curveball as it slows right down to an ethereal, soaring guitar solo which is incredibly emotive before it charges onward once more. 'TriggerReligion' serves as an absolutely crushing closer, reminding the listener that the conclusion doesn't mean the end to the devastating onslaught. Blistering blastbeats, demonic roars and frantic riffage accompanied by screaming guitars, sinister solos and an ominous spoken word moment ensure the record ends just as devastating as it once began.

As far as debut albums go, Veneration of the Dead absolutely annihilates. Crushing riffs, powerfully demonic growls and blistering blastbeats all on a foundation of addictively catchy melodics and heavy black n' roll style grooves, Dead Talks take you on a horror-fuelled journey of evil themes and devastating power which will leave a lasting impression.

Rating: 8/10
Release Date: August 18th 2023
Released By: Apostasy Records
FFO: Slayer, Amorphis, Obituary


01 - Son of the Nameless One
02 - The Human Plague      
03 - 508
04 - The End of the Tunnel      
05 - Pedophile God
06 - Death's Charioteer          
07 - Skinless          
08 - TriggerReligion

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