Album Review: Deathstars - Everything Destroys You

Album Review: Deathstars - Everything Destroys You

It's been a long 9 year wait since the Swedish Industrial DeathGlam Gods Deathstars released their last album The Perfect Cult. But after cancelled tours thanks to the pandemic and a much needed break, the band are back with a slick and adrenaline fueled 5th studio album 'Everything Destroys You.'

Guitarist Nightmare Industries has said: "The reason it's been taking so long is that we simply wanted- and needed - a break after intense touring and so on, and on top of that, the pandemic happened so tours were postponed and the release with them. So it feels fantastic to finally be able to present 'Everything Destroys You.'

Vocalist Whiplasher Bernadotte says of the record: "'Everything Destroys You' is the face of excesses of our nights of opulence in the city. We always write about our lives, and there's no fiction, spirituality or soul in the marrow of Deathstars. It's just the scarred city life in the raw."

The record begins with the first single to be released from the record 'This Is' and THIS IS Deathstars through and through. A strong introduction to a highly anticipated record which hasn't disappointed at all. A classic, banging and synth-laden beauty of catchy hooks and funky synth supported by thunderous drums, groovy riffage and Whiplasher's trademark crooning yet commanding vocals. 'Midnight Party' is everything you would expect from a track with this title; a groove-stomp of sexy, gothic party synth which is dangerously addictive. 'Anti All' has a darker edge to the party vibe but that's something the band have never shied away from; in fact they embrace the darkness with open arms.

'Everything Destroys You' is heavy on the industrial style; the vocals are particularly (and deliberately) creepy and robo-gothic in style with a darker message of "everything destroys us and it shows." 'Between Volumes and Voids' incorporates female backing vocals for added atmosphere to an incredibly flowing and soaring track whereas 'An Atomic Prayer' takes a swift dive in to the darkness once again. A thundering drum beat invites you in to a stomping yet flowing beat steeped in creepy, gothic goodness swiftly followed by 'Blood For Miles' which follows suit with the added bonus of stunning melodic guitar solos.

'The Churches of Oil' is a swift nod to the Synthetic Generation/Termination Bliss era of the band's career with pure gothic filth. 'The Infrahuman Masterpiece' begins the record's descent to it's conclusion with a piano led opening, crunching beats and solos accompanied by all that synthy goodness. Finally, the record's closer and final single 'Angel of Fortune and Crime' is a heavy stomp of chugging riffage and ethereal keys; another nod to the band's earlier material with it's darker vibes and harsher vocal presence ending on an atmospheric high.

Deathstars are the masters of consistency when it comes to sticking to their signature formula but they are never one for boredom. You know exactly what you're going to get with this band and they hone their sound to perfection with each new release. Spellbinding, intoxicating and sexy deathglam to its core; 'Everything Destroys You' is distinctive and unmistakably Deathstars.

Deathstars 5th studio album Everything Destroys You will be released via Nuclear Blast Records on May 5th 2023.

Rating: 8/10

Release Date: 5th May 2023

Released By: Nuclear Blast

FFO: Rammstein, Korn, Pain

Track Listing:

1) This Is
2) Midnight Party
3) Anti All
4) Everything Destroys You
5) Between Volumes and Voids
6) An Atomic Prayer
7) Blood For Miles
8) The Churches of Oil
9) The Infrahuman Masterpiece
10) Angel of Fortune and Crime

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