Album Review: ERRA - Cure

Album Review: ERRA - Cure

ERRA is an American progressive metalcore band formed in 2009. Their name comes from the Akkadian god of war and plague.

Band Members

  • Jesse Cash – guitars, clean vocals
  • J.T. Cavey – lead vocals
  • Conor Hesse – bass
  • Clint Tustin – guitars
  • Alex Ballew – drums, percussion

After American metalcore band Texas in July disbanded in 2015, their singer J.T. Carvey joined Erra to do the dirty vocals. Since Texas in July reunited in 2021, Carvey has been the singer for both bands.

The band released their sixth studio album, Cure, on April 5th, 2024.

The Songs:

1. Cure. It’s the title track, a sexy riff, a good breakdown, and bass. One of the singles. Bendy guitar, great guitar work, progressive style, djent. J.T. is the main singer, but Jesse also appears in the chorus.

2. Rumor of Light. It starts heavier, but has its quieter moments too, in which Jesse sings. It has a good guitar solo.

3. Idle Wild. Similar vibe to the previous song, heavy, except where Jesse sings. Some electronic elements.

4. Blue Reverie. Another one of the singles.  It’s a gorgeous song filled with details. My favorite song of the singles and the entire album. It is mostly on the softer side.

Chill start, nice harmonics, love the guitar tone. Djent guitar in the breakdown in the middle of the song. Marvelous guitar lines, beautiful transitions, and a great bass tone, precise drumming.

Jesse's voice is beautiful here, sweet and enchanting, matching the tone of the song and merging with J.T.’s screams, which provides the growling but more as a background, supporting role. Except for the breakdown, in which he becomes the protagonist.

The lyrics are super catchy.

5. Slow Sour Bleed. It starts heavy with J.T.'s screams, yet they soon combine with Jesse's clean vocals. Electronic elements, synthwave, that creates a great atmosphere that gets heavier then. It has an electronic breakdown, but after that enters J.T.'s screams again and the rest of the distorted instruments.  

6. Wish. Instrumental track that lasts 1.25 minutes of a relaxing moment.

7. Glimpse. Heavy start, exquisite bass lines, and guitar work. J.T. begins and in the second verse enters Jesse. Layers on vocals. Both voices intertwined and J.T. becomes the main vocals up to the breakdown.

Jesse returns while the music builds up, just to leave a stripped-down melody that merges with his voice in an eternal loop that continues until the end of the song.

8. Past Life Persona. A softer track with Jesse's voice during the whole chilled song. Nice guitar work and drums. J.T. screams in the back in the chorus.

I like this song. Jesse's voice is so soothing, that's why I prefer the songs where he is the main singer, except for the next song.

9. Crawl Backwards Out of Heaven. Another single. Absolute banger. Angry. Low-tuned guitar. Dark and crazy sick main riff. Nasty groove, catchy vibe, grungy guitar solo.

J.T. is the protagonist here. I love J.T.'s voice here, or should I say screams.

Jesse has a little participation here on vocals, almost at the end of the song, where he sings some lines to contrast with J.T.'s voice.

10. End To Excess. Soft beginning and then heavy with J.T.'s screams.

Jesse sings in a higher register in the chorus.

Nice instrumentalization, great breakdown, djent guitar and ends with guitar harmonics

11. Pale Iris. The first single of the album. J.T. starts strong and then Jesse enters the chorus, which is super catchy.

Good song, heavy, satisfactory breakdown. I like it. Both voices mixed together in an excellent combination.

12. Wave. Begins on the progressive side, with Jesse on vocals. Then J.T. is added. It ends with an astonishing melody that accompanies Jesse's singing.

Although they often combine extreme metal with melodic elements, Cure, it’s a very melodic album, focused on the choruses and the grooves, more than their previous works, as mentioned by Jesse Cash.

The production is so good, sounds super clear.

The lyrics are cryptic in general, abstract, and negative-sided, dealing with depression and hopelessness. I love the music, especially Jesse's beautiful voice. Spectacular album.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: April 5th, 2024
Released By: UNFD
FFO: August Burns Red, Born of Osiris, Tesseract


1) Cure
2) Rumor of Light
3) Idle Wild
4) Blue Reverie
5) Slow Sour Bleed
6) Wish
7) Glimpse
8) Past Life Persona
9) Crawl Backwards Out of Heaven
10) End to Excess
11) Pale Iris
12) Wave

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