Album Review: Far Beyond: The End of My Road

Album Review: Far Beyond: The End of My Road

German Melodic Extreme Metal solo project Far Beyond have returned with their third studio album, The End of My Road; an ambitious and meticulous combination of melodic death metal, black metal, symphonic metal and a sprinkling of power metal. The album tackles themes of courage and heart in the face of depression and hardship.

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist and mage-master of all things creative Eugen Dodenhoeft is the driving force behind the project and comments:

"The End of My Road is my invitation to get lost in the sonic realms of Far Beyond and find a moment of peace and inspiration. I look forward to sharing this album with the world and hope that it touches the hearts of listeners, providing them with an unforgettable soundtrack for their own journey.”

The record greets you with an uplifting orchestral full of swelling piano, symphonic string instruments, booming drums and an ethereal atmosphere, slowly easing you in before the tempo changes to a rolling gallop with 'A Symphony Of Light.' Haunting chants, flurries of blast-beats, stunning guitar solos and soft, enchanting keys accompanied by a ferocious combination of gutteral vocals and soaring melodic cleans. This track does not hold back with the dramatic orchestration and the theatrics as it builds for a solid 10 minute emotive and rousing endeavour.

The record is 7 tracks long, 3 instrumentals which serve as a palette cleanser for the sprawling compositions that are the 4 leading tracks; each no less than 8 minutes long. All 3 instrumentals are exactly what you would expect from a record of this calibre; emotive, stunningly creative and well placed to build the overall dense atmosphere and grandiose theme of the record. 'Tempus Fugit' picks up a galloping charge with frantic riffage, devastating roars and layered melodic cleans that resonate a beauty that is otherwordly. More heavy orchestral elements, ethereal keys and haunting choirs add an extra dimension to the production of the track.

'From The Stars And The Crescent Moon' twists and turns with ferocious growls and rising melodics, supported by fevered choirs, soaring guitars and frantic riffage. There's an air of urgency surrounding this monster of a track but it still retains all the grandiosity and splendour of the orchestral elements and fantastical atmosphere. The blast-beats in particular in this track are near constant and the riffage attacks at lightning speed. The record culminates with the title track; an emotive, symphonic opening with a soft, floating air of opulence before the gutteral vocals and soaring guitars take over. The sheer power and beauty behind this track makes for a worthy and devastating conclusion to a stunning journey.

Transcending the confines of reality and soaring in to the limitless world of fantasy and complexity, The End Of My Road is hugely ravenous, atmospheric and inspirational. A boundless saga in to the unknown full of endless possibility, seamlessly uniting various elements and influences into a powerfully symphonic, blackened death metal opus.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: February 16th 2024
Released By: Prosthetic Records
FFO: Wintersun, Brymir, Duskmourn


01 - Midwinter
02 - A Symphony Of Light
03 - Ad Infinitas
04 - Tempus Fugit
05 - A Wish Upon A Star
06 - From The Stars And The Crescent Moon    
07 - The End Of My Road

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